Discover. Collaborate. Party.

Disco Music is an app for music lovers. We make it easy to find that song you heard at your friends party, let friends add songs to your queue and to collaborate on playlists. Listen together in the same room or anywhere in the world.

Listen with friends nearby


Connect existing subscriptions


Search your catalgoue or library


Add and share songs


Upcoming Features

Details coming soon


Host a party where playback starts on all member devices* while everyone contributes to the queue in realtime. Think concerts from home.

* Premium streaming service subscription required.


Share songs, albums, artists, or playlists with friends, regardless of what streaming service either of you uses.


Seperate from your Apple Music or Spotify library 😉

Party Permissions

Hosting a party and can't find your phone?

Elevate a party member's permissions so they can take over playback control, grant member's permission to remove or reorder songs in the queue, and much more.


Add friends, see who is online, change your username, and customize your music player.


We've heard numerous Apple Music users asking for a Spotify Connect-like feature.

With Disco Music, you can playback on one device regardless which streaming service you use, and control playback from another device using the Disco Music Web or Mobile apps.